Monday, 20 December 2010

Islam's Green on Ways to Make Dawah

Brother Abdur-Raheem Green's blog Islam's Green has some useful articles on ways to make dawah:

101 ways to give Dawah
Lists ways that we can make dawah in every day life like through youth work, sports and engaging with schools. So far the list is at 71, so readers suggestions are welcome.

Da’wah from the comfort of your home!
This is an article taken from Sisters magazine and written by Fatima Barkatulla and gives some excellent examples of ways that sisters can make dawah.

The Invitation - A new era in Dawa, inshallah!
Explores what is dawah and some of the reasons it is so important.

Advice for "I wanna be a diaee"
In this post brother Abdur-Raheem Green publishes his reponse to a brother seeking advice about how to give dawah.

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