Friday, 31 December 2010

Da’wah to Elderly Parents

There is a useful post on the award-winning Sadaf's Space blog entitled: "Da’wah to Elderly Parents: a Challenging, Tedious Task". I loved the way this post begins with the example of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) trying to save his father from indulging in shirk. The post then discusses some of the difficulties in making dawah to your own parents (particularly Muslim parents) and offers some solutions:

"This post is about warning parents, because conveying the message of Islam, particularly one containing warning and admonishment, is a tricky, sensitive issue when it comes to them. Every man knows how to command his wife to do something or abstain from something for the sake of Allah. Similarly, every mother knows how to scold her children to make them offer prayers or speak the truth.

What many people are too ignorant, unequipped, unconfident and unprepared to do, though, is warn their parents when the latter do something, even if it is something that is explicitly forbidden in Islam. "

You can read the full post here.

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