Sunday, 19 December 2010

Illuminating the Way

Illuminating the Way: Priorities in Calling to the Message by Abu `Abdil Kareem was the first prize winner in the Islamic Assembly of North America's "Priorities in Bearing the Message Writing Contest" and was published by Al-Jumu`ah Magazine in Ramadhan 1417:

"In every age, the Prophets `alaihimussalaam, worked on reforming their societies by calling people to the message that Allah subhaanahu wa ta`ala sent them with. Today, Muslims are suffering in all spheres of life, while non-Muslim nations continue in their ignorance of purpose and path in this life. To reform these, it is essential for Muslims to follow the model of the Prophet of Islam sallallahu alayhe wa sallam and, after firmly grasping the message themselves, call others to it. Muslims therefore must exercise their efforts and use all permissible means to invite others to the truth they have. Bearing the message is a serious responsibility and a noble task and as such it has to be performed with knowledge, seriousness, consideration and wisdom. In embarking in such an effort, what are the priorities that one should keep as a guide

"Da`wah should start with fundamental issues, before proceeding with those that are less central. The Oneness of Allah is the beginning and the end. Each deed should be connected with it."

You can read the abridged article here.

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